We spoke to Jared Silverstein pf P2 Autism advocacy and Support about all the help they provide to the special needs community

We spoke to Kim Sherlock and Lorraine Krul about a very special dance coming up and some of the other social events.

We spoke to Scott D’Antonio of Hometown Heroes for special needs about the various projects he is working on in the community.

We spoke to the founders of Hurley’s Heroes-Hurley and Chrissy. They have a great social program for the 18 and over group that have special needs. Hurley will also share his inspiring story.

We spoke to Jacob Hackett about his citizen of the year award for 2023 and how he advocates for the disabled.

We spoke about self advocacy with Barbara Coppens who is being honored by the ARC of NJ on their 75th Anniversary with the Legacy of Self Advocacy Award.