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we talked to Danielle Foley about the event for her amazing daugher “Miracle for Molly.” We also talked to Jason Joseph who is doing some great things in sports broadcasting at Rowan University, while dealing with a disability.


Julia was on Sesame Street this morning, getting a haircut. We talked about that! The Eagles held their Huddle Up for Autsim Event, we’ve got Matteo Iadonisi-our former producer-who did some amazing work with that and shared his experience. Anthony


We where joined by  Dr Rick Brown of Back to Life Chiropractic. Question: Is it ethical for an in-home ABA therapy company to abruptly switch your therapist to another case with no notice and not have another therapist lined up?


We  talked to John Woodruff-Director, Academic Success Center and Disability Resources at Rowan University. John  filled us in on some valuable resources available as well as the upcoming ASD day on campus.


We  talked to Eric Littleton about a book dedicated to his son called Solomon’s Gift. We  also talked to some very special Ainsley’s Angels about this past weekend’s experience.


March is disability awareness month. We talked to advocate Barbara Coppens about some very important issues for adults with disabilities.


We  taked  to Dr. Rick Brown of Back to Life Chiropractic about how he can help with various special needs.


Dentistry for Special People was our guest tonight! Listen to Dr. Abraham and Dr. Wild talk how Dentistry for Special People serves the special needs community.


We  talked to Mike Fogel from Art of Friendship Coping Program and Camp Pegasus.


All-Metro Health Care was a sponsor of the 2018 Year in Review. Tonight Debbie from All-Metro Health Care in Cherry Hill  joined us to talk about the various services they provide to the special needs community.