Author: Howard Ottenberg


We  talked to Camden County Freeholder Ed McDonnell and Karen Weidner about their  amazing programs for children/adults with special needs.


We  talked to Nancy Peske who is the co-author of Raising a Sensory Smart Child. We  also talked to Amber Ferrell about a very important event called “Calming Sirens.” The event is in cooperation with numerous public safety organization and


We  talked to Angie Mahoney, author of I Can Work. She focuses on a vocational foundation. We also heard from the group “You’re Not Alone” which is having a BBQ and resource fair this weekend 8-19-18.


We  talked with Dr. Rick Brown of Back to Life Chiropractic. Dr. Rick  was live in the studio.


We talked to Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer about a book she wrote and some of the great work she is doing to advocate for people with disabilities. We also talked to Lara Stolman, who is the director/producer of the movie Swim Team. A movie


We  heard from the talented and amazing Alyssa.  She talked about how she’s facing the challenges of Tourette Syndrome with music. She  performed an original song that she wrote.


We heard A truly inspiring story tonight. We talked to Trinity from the organization wecan’t2wecan. Since elementary school, Trinity has been a helper to special needs children. All throughout school, she would aid those with disabilities. Now at age 18


We talked to Cucinotta of the MRC sports unity program and Brenner from the Gloucester County Library system regarding programs for special needs including a cooking class.


We talked to Dr. Rick Brown of Back to Life Chiropractic about children that have breathing issues especially in this weather. Dr. Rick talked about how chiropractic care can help with that and various other special needs.


We talked to Debra Wallace of the Autism Cares Foundation and Eric Newman about some amazing things going on with special needs religious services this summer and fall.