Author: Howard Ottenberg


We  be talked to Marc from Computer Smiles. They take computers and rebuild, reburbish and reprogram them and donate them to people in need.  We  also talked to Rosa about a Special Needs worship service beginning in Novemember every Sunday


We  talked about transportation, travel, and the special needs community with Deputy Director of the Partnership TMA Anthony Johnson at 6pm. At 6:30 we also talked to actor Steven James Tingus, and hear his inspirational story.


Chiropractic care and the special needs community. How it can  help? We  find out with our resident chiropractor Dr. Rick Brown of Back to Life Chiropractic.


We were talking to Betsy Yard of Yard Work and More. They are opening a new shop called Gail Force Winds. The shop will create store based employment training, support small handmade business models and create opportunties to make meaningful


We heard inspirational story of Mark Farrell and all that he has overcome. Mark is now a motivational speaker.


Dr. Rick Brown of Back to Life Chiropractic on how he can help with various special needs.


We  talked to Camden County Freeholder Ed McDonnell and Karen Weidner about their  amazing programs for children/adults with special needs.


We  talked to Nancy Peske who is the co-author of Raising a Sensory Smart Child. We  also talked to Amber Ferrell about a very important event called “Calming Sirens.” The event is in cooperation with numerous public safety organization and


We  talked to Angie Mahoney, author of I Can Work. She focuses on a vocational foundation. We also heard from the group “You’re Not Alone” which is having a BBQ and resource fair this weekend 8-19-18.


We  talked with Dr. Rick Brown of Back to Life Chiropractic. Dr. Rick  was live in the studio.