Author: Howard Ottenberg


We will be talking to Trinity Jagdeo of “From We Can’t to We Can” about all of the great work she is doing in the special needs community and how you can get involved.


We  talked disability advocate Barbara Coppens.


1st up-We  talked to Jon Yard about the great work he is doing with students with disabilities on the college level. Then we  talked to Max Lenet about his recent trip to Israel and all that he accomplished this year.


Should you consider chiropractor care as one of your options for treatment for various special needs?


We where joined by Sean Kenney and we  talked about  SPORTS! Sean is a young man with special needs and  loves to talk sports on the radio so we are going to make that happen tonight. He loves the Yankees


Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month is going on from May 15-June 15. We talked to Scott Loeff about some of the wonderful programs he is involved in and resources he can share. Scott told us about a camp he is running


We heard from a panel of Moms who will shared their experiences of how they also help others.


Chiropractic care help with hearing or speech? Find out  with Dr. Rick Brown of Back to Life Chiropractic. Also, we are celebrating 5 years on the air !


Wetalked to Lachele Jenkins, who has done some amazing work in the special needs community. Lachele  talked about how she empowers children, parents, and the entire family. She  shared some valuable resources.


We  talked to Debra Wallace of the Autism Cares Foundation. We also  talked to Autism Certified Fitness Instructor Bryan Adams about a free autism boot camp he’s got going on.